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Philodendron Golden Dragon Variegated: Growing Tips

Philodendron Golden Dragon Variegated may be the newest addition to your household plants, but it isn’t the type of species you should just plop in the corner and forget about. Taking care of your Philodendron Golden Dragon Variegated requires some effort, but you’ll end up with an impressive decoration that will liven up any room in your home, especially if you follow these tips on how to grow a philodendron variegated plant indoors.

Philodendron Golden Dragon Variegated: Growing Tips

How to Grow
Philodendrons are remarkably easy to grow and adaptable to a variety of environments. This is one of their many appealing traits, but it also poses challenges for many first-time philodendron owners. Following are some tips for growing a golden dragon variegated philodendron, along with resources for more in-depth information about these amazing plants.

Where to Grow
The golden dragon philodendron is a popular houseplant that thrives indoors. Place it in bright but indirect sunlight. Too much direct sun will scorch its leaves. For more tips on how to care for your golden dragon, take a look at our list of common philodendron questions below.

When to Water
Philodendrons are forgiving plants and one of their biggest benefits is their ability to live with less water than many other houseplants. Still, it’s important to keep your plant in good shape by getting its moisture right. Philodendrons like medium moisture and need to be watered thoroughly until they are fully saturated. Make sure you drain any excess water from your pot before re-potting it into a new container. Water philodendrons whenever you see them drooping or looking wrinkled; don’t wait for them to wilt completely. They’ll recover from light drought periods by going into a semi-dormant state, so go ahead and water them lightly if you notice that happening.

How much light
One of the most common philodendron varieties, Golden Dragon needs plenty of light. It can survive in lower light conditions, but you’ll have to water it more often and fertilize less. It’s also important to note that its variegation will fade in lower-light conditions. However, if you’re looking for a low-maintenance plant that doesn’t require lots of light and has bright leaves with a lot of character, there are few better options than Golden Dragon. Water regularly: Even though Golden Dragon can go longer between waterings than other varieties of philodendrons, it’s still essential to keep it properly hydrated.

Other Considerations
Philodendrons are one of those plants that are very easy to grow, and have very few issues that you have to worry about as long as they get enough light and water. One thing to be careful of is overwatering; like any plant, philodendrons can drown if kept too wet. Water it until water comes out of the bottom of its pot (or at least most of its roots) then wait 5-10 minutes before watering again. If in doubt, don’t overwater!

The Verdict
Philodendrons are hearty, versatile plants that make great houseplants. They’re very easy to grow and propagate, so they’re a great choice for beginning gardeners. For those with bigger spaces, they also make wonderful outdoor companions! Below are some tips on how to care for your own philodendron—the golden dragon variety in particular.


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