Buy encephalartos horridus online
Buy encephalartos horridus online

Buy encephalartos horridus online


Buy encephalartos horridus online

Encephalartos horridus is one of my favorite Cycads. It originates from South Africa.  This is one plant that every collector wants in their collection.  Fortunately it is not as rare and expensive as some other African favorites!  The beautiful dusty blue foliage makes this species a great choice for use in the landscape.  As cycads go this is not a large growing plant. Trunks rarely exceed two feet in height.  The growth habit is more like a large bush. As plants mature they produce many “pups” at the base of the parent plant.  This gives the impression of a large single plant.  E. horridus is a spiny plant. Even with the occasional “pricks” you get, this plant is well worth growing.
  Plant E. horridus in part shade to full sun.  Here in California I have found that the blue color of the leaves does not fade out in the shade as some growers report.  Make sure you have well draining soil for your plant.  You can water regularly in the summer months as long as your soil drains quickly.  If you are growing in a container the same applies, don’t let your plant dry out in the summer months. If your winters are cold and wet like we have in So. California cut back on your watering and let your plant go “dormant”.  Make sure your plant has protection from cold weather. E. horridus can only tolerate several degrees below freezing, and for only a short time.  Fertilize lightly during the growing season.
  As with all cycads one must have a male and female plant to produce seeds. If you are lucky enough to have both sexs, and produce viable seeds, you will have lots of ‘babies” to take care of.  One female cone can produce over a hundred seeds!  Offsets or “pups” can also be removed and rooted.  As with most cycads patience is very important.  These plants are not fast growing, however they are well worth the time and effort.  You will be rewarded with beautiful plant that everyone will notice and want!

Encephalartos horridus the “horrible” cycad, due to its twisting, sharp and thorny leaflets.  The item for sale in this listing of the rare Encephalartos horridus.   It is similar to the seedling pictured in this listing.  We have also included pictures of mature Encephalartos dwarf form horridus for your reference.  Dwarf horridus tend to produce more offsets than the standard form of Encephalartos horridus and as such are often more compact in appearance than the “standard” form of Encephalartos horridus.  Encephalartos horridus is our most popular cycad for sale.  It is from the Eastern Cape Region of South Africa.  This cycad is not only cold hardy but it also thrives in hot arid or even humid environments (provided ample drainage)   Please feel free to email if you have any questions.  (Hablo espanol)

Welcome to hk  Nursery.  We specialize in rare, variegated  blue and hard to get cycads.  We aim to provide perfect customer service, and leave you 100% satisfied with your cycad purchase.  We are a proud member of The Cycad Society (TCS), which is dedicated to preservation and propagation of rare and endangered cycads.  We hope to be able to meet all of your cycad needs.

Important Instructions for when you receive your plant.

1) Pot up or plant out your cycad in a well draining mix immediately.  Do not leave it at the post office or wait to open your box.  Have your potting medium ready to go.  For experienced cycad growers we suggest that you use your best well draining cycad mix.  For beginners you can use a Big Box store Cactus or Palm mix, but make sure to amend it with something that will improve it’s drainage. i.e. pumice, perlite, vermiculite, sand.  It is critical that your mix is well draining.  As a rule of thumb blue cycads like 2/3 inorganics 1/3 organics and green cycads from tropical environments do well with about a 50/50 ratio of organics to inorganics.

2) Acclimate your cycad.  Even if you have purchased a full sun ice blue cycad it is of utmost importance that you slowly acclimate your cycad.  If not the leaves on your cycad may burn, and in extreme circumstances, your cycad can die.  Unless you live in a zone with below freezing temperatures, start by placing your cycad outside of the greenhouse but still in the shade with morning sun at most.  Then slowly move your cycad to locations that get more afternoon sun exposure.  As your cycad gets used to more and more sun without burning you can eventually move it to a permanent full sun exposure location.  This is especially important if you receive your cycad in the middle of summer when temperatures are high. 

This cycad will be shipped covered by spaghnum moss, and taped down to the box.  we ship  international sh We can be held responsible if your plant is seized en route.  We guarantee that we will do everything possible to ensure that your cycad is shipped to you in healthy condition and that you are completely satisfied with your order. 

If there is a cycad or palm that you would like please send us an email letting us know what you are looking for.  We will try our best to see if we can procure it at a competitive price for you.


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