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monstera aurea for sale
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monstera aurea for sale



monstera aurea for sale

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monstera aurea for sale

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The Monstera Aurea thrives in bright, indirect light. it likewise does well in moderate light and a bit of low light.

However, because of tis variegated foliage, you want to be careful of the extremes.Monstera Aurea Variegata

Monstera Aurea Variegata
much light and direct sun – are both a bit too much for the plant’s leaves. While it will survive its leaves will lose their variegations and become dull looking. If the heat from the sun or light sources gets too strong, it can even scorch the leaves. Note that the variegated leaves also mean the plant needs more bright light than similar species with solid-green foliage. But keep it away from too much intense light especially in the summer and mid-day.
Too little light, dark locations and full shade – here, the opposite is true. There’s insufficient light to support the plant’s optimum growth. Like other plants, the Monstera Aurea needs light for photosynthesis. But the yellow parts of the leaves don’t contribute to that nor do they collect light. This is why the plant needs more illumination. It is also why it cannot tolerate low light like plants with solid green foliage. If there’s insufficient light, you’ll see the yellow variegations revert to green. Here, the plant gives up its pretty looks for survival. That’s because the green parts are caused by more chlorophyll, which is also what absorbs light.

In both cases, you lose the most attractive feature of the Monstera Aurea Variegata, its dual colors.

4 reviews for monstera aurea for sale

  1. Virgie gooff

    Very neat and very fast shipping. Very healthy plant: new roots form and one of the 2 nodes activates after only 2 weeks of acclimatization. Very satisfied with my purchase and highly recommend 🙂

  2. Argueta birgit

    got exactly what I wanted! The item arrived very quickly in perfect condition and met my expectations. I highly recommended this seller 👍🏻

  3. Jadamson

    received my plants very quickly, well packaged, and in very good health! I recommend the seller

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