White Knight
white night
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white night



White Knight

White night

White Knight

Philodendron White Knight is a climbing plant that can attain a height of 3 meters. It grows faster when planted around a pole (like moss pole) or tree. It grows healthy and beautiful with a faster growth rate when planted in moist soil mixed with organic matter.

The reason philodendrons make such amazing indoor plants is that they adapt to a wide variety of lighting and water conditions in the wild and so will thrive indoors very well. The plants have large, green, dark leaves which allow them to absorb even the tiniest traces of light and water in the wild or at home.


The Philodendron White Knight is a collectors dream, very hard to find and popular for its beautiful leaves. We are selling large healthy plants that are growing well.

This philodendron is a climber so eventually, it will want a cane for support or will trail in a hanging planter.  In the  Greek language “Philo” means love and “Dendron” means “tree hugger” – it loves to climb trees.

White Knight

A rainforest regular hailing originally from South America and it really brings a touch of the exotic! Brighten up dreary days by looking at your Philodendron and imagining hot, moist heat and birds screeching, let yourself be carried away to the jungle!

These plants aren’t hard to look after, they will thrive in the shade which makes them ideal if you have no experience of looking after houseplants.  It also means they aren’t hard to situate in your home, they will love any corner of any room really, in the sun or in the shade.

Note that the plant’s white variegation will vary from leaf to leaf, and is slight on some leaves.

Philodendrons would make a great houseplant gift for friends or family – surprise them with rainforest style! Low maintenance and an excellent choice for anyone new to growing houseplants. This plant will thrive as long as it’s water only when it’s completely dry and kept in a warm and sunny spot.


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Philodendron care level

This plant is easy to care for, great for beginners.

Where should I put this plant?

Philodendrons like a shady corner, it will also enjoy a sunny spot, so it’s not a fussy plant.

How should I water this plant?

Water when the top two inches of soil are dry, make sure you don’t overwater this plant.

Should I feed this plant?

Feed once a month in spring and summer with liquid plant food. Why not try our own vegan, organic plant food?

Is this plant suitable if I have pets?

This plant is toxic to cats and dogs.

What size is this plant?

W15cm  x H45cm

For general advice on houseplant care, why not have a look at our

How do you care for a white knight Philodendron?
Philodendron White Knight is a water-loving plant. Watering should be done with a moderate amount of water. You must ensure the plant’s soil is moist at all times. Watering with excessive water must be avoided to prevent killing the plant